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2017 Waterfalls Calendars!

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Waterfalls 2017 Wall Calendar
Waterfalls 2017 Wall Calendar

Waterfalls 2017 Wall Calendar. Waterfalls are mesmerizing, from the grandest of cascades to the most delicate tiers. This Waterfalls calendar crosses the globe from Canada to Croatia, Iceland to England, the U.S. to Japan showing why each location is a destination not to be missed. Captions provide location and background information, and carefully chosen quotations add to the presentation.

Waterfalls 2017 Wall Calendar
Waterfalls 2017 Wall Calendar

The relentless thunder one hears as a river or stream rushes over a precipice is an amazing testimony to nature's power. Yet, somehow, the water's graceful descent can have a soothing effect on the soul. Ponder this paradox of nature with this Waterfalls Wall Calendar.

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