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2017 London Calendars!

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Like a phoenix recreating itself anew after such disasters as the Great Fire of 1666 and the bombing sustained in World War II, London has reemerged and flourished time and again. History lives amid the iconic palaces and gardens that are part of its past. Cultural, economic, social, and artistic roots that have grasped this soil for millennia continue to bear fruit.

London 2017 Wall Calendar. The writer Samuel Johnson said it best: "When man is tired of London, he is tired of life." The capital of the United Kingdom, this world-class city is both a setting for the regal old world and the modern metropolis. Abundant in history, culture, and monuments, London offers endless opportunities for the sightseeing tourist and the discerning local. Featuring a collection of striking photos from this storied city, this London wall calendar is sure to please even the most judicious anglophile.

London 2017 Wall Calendar
London 2017 Wall Calendar