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The Sunshine State is full of quiet forests, sand dunes, coral reefs, freshwater marshes, and stunning birds. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When the sun rises and sets, Florida's sky is a canvas of delicate clouds and brilliant rays of red. There's no shortage of incredible sights to see throughout this breathtaking state.




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Florida Nature 2018 Calendar
Florida Nature 2018 Calendar

Besides its spectacular and extensive coastline, Florida is a land of tropical marshes, natural swamps, woodlands, and forests, all of which play host to a wealth of extraordinary birds, reptiles, mammals, and exotic plants. Florida's natural beauty is on display in this thrilling square wall calendar.

Florida Coast 2018 Wall Calendar
Florida Coast 2018 Wall Calendar

With the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Straits of Florida to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Florida has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States. The spectacular nature photography in this square wall calendar captures the diversity of the Florida coast from sandy beaches with sea oats and dunes to mangrove forests, salt marshes, and more!