2018 Scenic & Travel calendars featuring breath-taking images from around the world!

2018 Alaska Calendars!

As America's last wild place, the Alaskan wilderness offers unsurpassed beauty, purity, and serenity. This isolated state features glaciers, fjords, and still unnamed lakes. It boasts wildlife in abundance and enjoys the Aurora Borealis in its colorful dance across the sky. It all makes for a wondrous refuge from the push and shove of modern life. These spectacular calendars deliver the remote wilderness of Alaska to you.

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Alaska 2018 Calendar
Alaska 2018 Calendar

Alaska 2018 Alaska Wall Calendar: This wall calendar has beautiful full color photos of Alaska. Each calendar grid contains a QR code that takes you to the state tourism "Calendar of Events." Each month includes a notes section that is approximately 7 X 1 inches tall. On the back cover, this beautiful calendar will include a grid of the first two months of 2019 as well as a place for extra notes or special dates.